5 Best dining options in Las Vegas

Best restaurants in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most preferred tourist destination. It is famous for its beaches, sunshine, and wines. However, there is one more attraction which drives our attention to Las Vegas and it is its famous restaurants. Las Vegas caters to the need of food lovers by offering high profile restaurants which prove an exclusive dining delight for the people. If you are in Las Vegas or planning a vacation, do not miss to visit the following restaurants and cherish the dining experience of a lifetime.

1. Alex at Wynn

This restaurant in Las Vegas is an expertise in oriental dishes. The guests are entertained at the elegantly decorated dining hall that offers a 950 wine bottle arrangement bar and upholstered chairs for keeping the handbags and luggage, while enjoying food and wine. You will be offered a four course menu worth $195 and a three course one in price $145.

2. Stripsteak at Las Vegas Blvd. South

This place is well known for its special preparations of various types of meat. You will get a great opportunity of tasting some of the chef’s favorites like beef cooked in butter, lamb in olive oil, pork cooked in bacon fat as well as fresh and streaming grilled dishes. You will also get chance to pamper your taste buds with seafood. The dishes offered here range around $ 40. The architectural design, conceived by a Japanese company, represents impressions of the street of Singapore.

3. Burger Bar at Mandalay Place

Located inside a crowded shopping area, this is a hamburger restaurant, run by a French chef. The visitors are offered beefs, lamb and turkey, together with vegetarian items too. The burgers range from $8 to $60. Never forget to try out the sweet burger with ganache, mint and mango as its ingredients.

4. Rao’s at Caesars Palace

Characterized by small dining rooms with accommodations of only 250 guests, this restaurant echoes the Italian essence. Do try out the two famous dishes here; the Lemon Chicken of Uncle Vincent and pasta with shredded tomato sauce. The dishes are quite reasonable here as compared to the area.

5. Artem/Eliseevsky at W. Flamingo Road

A Russian restaurant located in Las Vegas, it offers collections of vodkas and tasty cuisine. At night the guests are greeted with live solo performances by Russian artists.

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