5 craziest mocktail drink ideas

These may be termed as false cocktails but mocktails are really wonderful in taste and can infuse life in any social event. They are obviously much healthier than cocktails which contain alcohol to some extent. Mocktails are made sans alcohol and they contain juices of fresh fruit which can be tropical or seasonal. There are many different ways in which a mocktail can be made and served to the guests and different common ingredients when mixed and matched make a great mocktail. Here are five of the best and craziest mocktails drinks ideas that you can borrow for your next social gathering.

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Five awesome mocktail ideas 

  • Dempsey breezer is indeed one of the most interesting mocktails you can make for self or for your guests. This one is made by mixing lime, lychee juice and grapefruit juice together which is one of the intriguing combinations. Grapefruit’s bitter flavor works great with the sweetness of lychee.
  • Running Amok: the taste of this mocktail is great and no one can deny it. This one is a delightful combination of sprite, apple juice and a hint of lime. Refreshment is guaranteed after you consume this amazing mocktail. The taste buds of your guests will surely be satisfied with this particular mocktail.
  • Virgin Thai wet Sangaria: this heavenly nectar is prepared by combining lime and lemon juice and at last the lemongrass adds to the flavor of the drink. The tangy taste of the mocktail is good to drink and hard to forget.
  • Tornado twist: just as the name would suggest, this mocktail will come along a tornado of flavors in your mouth which will remain in for some time. The cranberry and raspberry juice is combines with lime lemon soda and this combination is totally worth trying.
  • Cucumber punch: a wonderful mocktail drink for beating the scorching heat. This one is made from a blend of lemonade mix, juice of white grapes and cucumbers of course. The taste is awesome without any doubt and you can beat the heat with the help of this mocktail.












These were five of the best mocktail recipes that are super easy to make and you will definitely enjoy them and so will your guests. There are many more juices that can be combined with one another in order to generate a whole new flavor for the tongue.




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