16 cheap and easy Ways to keep fit

Ways to keep fit

Keeping oneself fit is very important for a healthy life. However, it is a very easy thing to keep oneself fit if we follow some simple strategies in our daily life. Just like the ones we have for maintaining our home, cars, etc. Fitness is nothing but having good health or physical condition with the help of exercise and proper nutrition. Good health is priceless so we are here to discuss about facts that will help us to keep ourself fit and healthy.

1. Exercise

We have to burn our calories which are stored in belly in case of gents and in thighs in case of women. During exercise, large amount of calories are burnt other than any other methods like taking medicines to burn calories and so on. Exercising is the natural way to reduce weight and burn calories. Everyday, opt for simple exercises for 30 mins daily, like going for jogging, cycling, doing yoga and so on.

2. Diet

Have more fresh vegetables and fruits. Increase the fiber content like whole grains, seeds and beans in your diet. Try to replace sugars with Splenda. Start each meal with a salad or plate of steamed vegetables. Avoid eating junk foods like pizza, burger, etc. Try to eat foods which have low cholesterol content. Don’t take deep fried foods like chips as these chips will have more content of cholesterol and it is not good for our healthy heart.

3. Breakfast

Breakfast means breaking the fast in morning after having a deep sleep for 7 to 8 hours. So breakfast is an important thing. If we are not having our breakfast, then it will lead to ulcer and some serious issues.

4. Have an early meal

Eat at correct time. If you eat right after you find yourself starving, you’ll end up devouring more than you need to. At the same time if you eat slowly and chew your food well, you’ll be able to control your food consumption better.

5. Avoid alcohol

Use of alcohol can cause a vitamin deficiency, damage brain, an overall reduction in brain size and increase in the size of the ventricles.

6. Consider vitamin content

Vitamins are the most important substances that cannot be manufactured by the body. We need vitamins for growth and development of our body. Vitamins are usually found in meat products, fat and vegetable oils, dairy products and fish.

7. Sleep

Take a good night sleep of about 7 to 8 hours. This will make us feel fresh. Irregular sleep will cause many problems such as indigestion.

8. Say no to stress

When we become stressed, our body starts to secret toxic enzymes, which cause problems like ulcer, indigestion, etc.

9. Use olive oil

Olive oil helps to prevent gallstones and ulcers. It also contains vitamins and nutrients, and it also consists of antioxidants, which help to protect the body from cancer.

10. Have an after-dinner walk

After dinner have a slow and calm walk. This will help our body to digest foods easily.

11. Avoid late night dinners

Eating late night will cause indigestion in nights and it will change the internal organ clock timing which leads to problems like constipation.

12. Take breaks during working hours

During your working time, take gentle break for 3 to 4 min and do some simple stretching exercise because it will help us to keep ourself relaxed and fresh.

13. Drink enough water

Water is one of the best tools to lose weight and drinking a good amount of water lowers heart attack. And also our digestive systems need a good amount of water to digest food properly. Water is used to flush out toxins and waste products from our body. Doctors advise us to drink 1.9 liters per day for a healthy body.

14. Don’t have a spicy food

Spicy foods are delicious, however, the negatives of spicy food are mouth sores and cancer and it also causes stomach burnings and irritation.

15. Have a clean environment

If we have polluted environment around us, it will cause more health related problems like asthma due to polluted air, polluted water will cause skin disease, typhoid and so on. So keep your environment clean to have a healthy lifestyle.

16. Have a diet plan

Fill your diet with colorful fruits and vegetables. Make a simple plan for each day with different fruits and vegetables. This will surely make you fit and healthy.

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