15 Ways to pep up mashed potatoes

Mashed potato accompaniments

Mashed potatoes generally taste insipid. It is specially served to patients, but you can always spice them up using a variety of ingredients. Defying the common myth, the flavorless boiled mashed potatoes can pep up your party mood, only if you follow a few easy steps. But, spicing the mashed potatoes are not only restricted to the following options. Cooking is all about innovation and experimentation. All you need to do is to follow your sixth sense of cooking and then weave magic.

1. Serving mashed potatoes with burnt garlic is an amazing option. You just have to peel the garlic cloves and stir fry the garlic cloves in olive oil till you get a nice burnt flavor or you can roast them in oven and add them to the mashed potatoes and mix well.

2. Mashed potatoes can be pepped up by adding mushrooms. All you have to do is to stir in mushrooms sauteed in butter along with red wine or sherry and topped with cheese. The butter cheese combo will surely make its way to the mashed potatoes and generously lend their flavor to it.

3. My favorite option to add a zing to mashed potatoes is to add grilled fresh garden vegetables to it. Be it bell peppers or aubergines, whenever you are grilling vegetables, then add a dash of balsamic vinegar to them and add to the mashed potatoes and you’ll find the aroma of charcoal grill engulfing you.

4. Corn and mashed potatoes are a blockbuster combo. Those who have kept themselves away from this heavenly treat, it’s high time you try this out. You need to mix a can of corn kernels with a dollop of sour cream and serve with mashed potatoes.

5. For those food addicts who are fond of spices more than anything, try to combine mashed potatoes with jalapeno peppers. Slice jalapeno peppers and mix them with mashed potatoes.

6. A very successful combination is to add a generous dash of pesto sauce to the mashed potatoes. Pesto sauce works wonders with mashed potatoes.

7. Mashed potato salad is a healthy option for diet freaks, who can toss onions and greens in a little olive oil and then coat it nicely in a thousand island dressing or any of your favorite salad dressing.

8. Leftovers are a deadly match with mashed potatoes. In case you have leftover sausage or salami then dice it and serve with cheese over breakfast.

9. Add grated cheddar cheese or any other cheese you prefer to mashed potatoes and spin magic.

10. Some sea food can also work well with the mashed potatoes. Try out prawns, lobsters or shrimps with it.

11. Spinach cream is another delight only if your mashed potatoes are accompanying it.

12. A cup of sour cream or cream cheese is a great accompaniment. Your empty plate will be evident of this fact.

13. Bacon works great with the potatoes, especially when they are stir fried and crumbled.

14. Scrambled eggs with mashed potatoes are yummy to taste and quick to be tried out.

15. Wasabi and lime are the best when you intend to take a walk with mashed potatoes in hand.

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