10 Pricey wines for your home bar

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Have you ever tasted dollars? We are sure you are flabbergasted at this comment and may consider that we are cranks. But hold on, we have serious enough to prove that our comment is very much practical. In case if you are fascinated with wines, let us tell you, this prestigious intoxication will give you the gala opportunity to taste dollars for sure. We have brought here for you a collection of wines that are really expensive. Buying one of them will certainly take away almost your entire fortune, making you a pauper! So, they are basically the keepsake of the wealthy moguls. Let’s not suppress our curiosity any further and scroll down to get introduced to these expensive wines that you can make a precious element of your home bar if you have the guts and certainly, a heavy pocket.

1. 1978 Montrachet


Price: $24,000

This prestigious species of 1978 will make your eyes rolling for sure due to its dear price tag, mind blowing taste and definitely, its mild intoxication. Your heart will definitely come to your mouth if you hear its price. It comes with a mere price of only $24,000! But the bonus treat for you is that by spending the money equivalent to a small sized family cottage, you get as many as seven bottles of white wine under this label of Domaine de ka Romanee-Conti! Isn’t this a bonafide reason to say cheers?

2. 1865 Chateau Lafite

1865 Chateau Lafite

Price: $27,000

This magnum bottle of wine is quite sought after one among the wealthy niche. When we might remain ever shocked reading its frequently increasing price tag, the big fat moguls do not mind spending money to become a proud owner of Chateau Lafite. So, this 150 years old bottle of intoxication was once the property of a Florida based business man. During that time it was priced at $111,625. But as we said, this is the most wanted keepsake, so a European private collector bought this 750 ml bottle from the businessman with a monetary exchange of $27,000. So, you can very well assume that a peg of this wine will cost you $4650! Do you have the strength to buy one for you?

3. Royal De Maria

Royal De Maria

Price: $30,000

What will you do if you have $30,000: will you buy a Mini Cooper or a bottle of wine? Well, this bottle will definitely subject you to such a dilemmatic question. This costly bottle of wine comes at a price of $30,000. But mind it this was the price quote in 2006. So, you do not know if the price has again jumped up or not! Anyway, the good news is that you get a variety of flavors to pamper your taste buds; from ice wine to dessert wine and to authentic fruit wine.

4. 1775 Massandra


Price: $43,500

This bottle of wine will definitely work as an intoxicating time machine and take you to the 1775’s world. This wine bottle was a prestigious production from the Russian vineyard and the choicest of grapes went into its making. This very thought will start poking the taste buds of a wine lover. This Sherry was sold at Southeby’s for $43,500. But we are skeptical whether it is still drinkable at present. But what we can say is that its distressed, time worn look will certainly make it a great memoir in your home bar. But for owning this you need to be richer by $52,000 at present!

5. 1945- Chateau Mounton-Rothschild

Chateau Mounton

Price: $47,000

This dear bottle was the prestige element of the personal cellar of the owner of Chateau Mounton-Rothschild. But we must admit that he was not selfish to limit this pricy and fine intoxication within the parameters of his personal winery only. So, this 6-liter of expensive wine was handed over to Southby’s New York. In the process the owner got richer by $301,000! Now, you can be fortunate enough to say cheers too while sitting at Southby’s, enjoying your own peg of 750 ml, paying a price of about $47,000.

6. 1787 Chateau Yquem

1787 Chateau Yquem

Price: $100,000

This bottle of sauternes is also among one of the most sought after wines that is rich, smooth, old enough to be regarded as gold and of course, expensive. The vintage heritage of this wine is so catchy for the wealthy wine lovers that a wine collector could not resist his temptation. Hence, he chose to drain away $100,000 for a ‘noble’ cause. It was making this wine a permanent member of his wine collection.

7. 1811 Chateau d’Yquem

1811 Chateau d’Yquem

Price: $117,000

Take a closer look at this wine. This species is considered as one of the praiseworthy discovery in the history of Bordeaux wines and the most supreme vintage intoxication ever produced. This bottle of Sauterne might have a price tag of $117,000, but how can you overlook its vintage value and make? Even Christian Vanneque, a sommelier at the restaurant in Paris, La Tour d’Argent found money a mere thing in front of this pricey wine. So, now this bottle is a part of his home bar.

8. 1945 Romanee Conti

Romanee Conti

Price: $123,900

This rare piece will take you back to the time of World War II. In case if you are dazed, let us inform you, this wine was produced during this war period, just before the eruption of phylloxera. Just 600 bottles were created. A U.S. wine collector did not take a moment to give away the money within a record breaking time and make it a part of his collection when it was auctioned at $123,900!

9. 1787 Chateau Lafite

1787 Chateau Lafite

Price: $160,000

This pricey masterpiece is the trademark property of Thomas Jefferson. The label bears his initials as well. So, Forbes never thought twice to purchase this heritage replica at $160,000. Now, the price tag of the same reads a steaming $315,000! Unfortunately, it is no longer drinkable and serves as a rare keepsake. So, you can make it a part of your home bar too, sparing this simple sum.

10. 1869 Chateau Lafite

1869 Chateau Lafita

Price: $233,972

Asians consider Lafite a memorable keepsake. So, Lafite is best regarded as stratospheric elements for the Asian wine lover. Thus, there was a mass hysteria across the table when this bottle of wine was being auctioned in 2010! An anonymous Asian bidder made every hearts burn and every eyes roll when he offered a price of $233,972 and purchased this vintage bottle.

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