10 Delicious taco recipes

Best taco recipes

Tacos! They are one of the most wonderful things around that are as easy to make as they are delicious to eat. You can stuff with almost anything that is edible. The trick lies in your creativity. However, sour cream, salsa and lettuce are one of the yummiest and easiest combinations around. You do not really need to go for some complex market recipes just toss around some filling ingredients, mix ’em well, spice ’em up and you are ready to go. Here are some of the best taco recipes which are sumptuous, delightful and easy to make:

1. Beef tacos: These tacos are satisfying and simple. Many people like it mild however if you have a liking for spicy things, sprinkle it with minced chili peppers. If you are still not satisfied and want the chili to sear your tongue, try habaneros. For a milder version, choose Serrano. Jalapenos fall on the mildest side of the chili spectrum.

2. Cool salmon tacos: These tacos are twisted with salsa, black beans and canned salmon. Different then the usual hot version. If you want, you can heat up this salmon mixture in a skillet. Toss together lettuce, sour cream, avocado and cheese in the crisp shell to make an interesting mix!

3. Spicy fish tacos: You can make appetizing spicy fish tacos by combining fish fillet with cayenne pepper, green chilies and coleslaw. This is a twisted version of the classic recipe and a popular dish amongst Californians. For this recipe, you can also use white fish fillets.

4. Scallop tacos: Scallops are expensive but tasty as well. Moreover, this recipe will ensure that none of it goes waste. This sea mollusk can taste mouth watering when combined with salsa, onion, seasonings and avocados.

5. Chicken and bean Crockpot tacos: This requires cooking of filling in your Crockpot. When cooked properly, this filling tastes awesome. You can use your homemade recipe for taco seasoning mix to make this tasty treat even more nutritious.

6. Chicken tacos: Here comes another Crockpot recipe. The trick is to cook chicken in the taco seasoning mix and salsa until and unless it gets meltingly tender. And believe us, just these three ingredients make for a wonderful taco recipe. You can further garnish it with some shredded lettuce, sour cream, cheese and unforgettably taco shells.

7. Delicious shrimp tacos: This taco recipe is all about color and flavor. To make it you will need to mix together cojack cheese, red bell peppers, fresh cucumbers and tender shrimp. Just follow the instructions and you will end up getting a really hot recipe.

8. Egg tacos: These are ideal for breakfast or brunch. It takes only ten minutes and five ingredients to make them. Top it up with sour cream for a cooling touch and you are all ready to get set for the day.

9. Meatloaf tacos: If you have a leftover meatloaf, this recipe is the best way to use it. Just prepare the taco with this recipe and dinner will be ready in just 15 minutes.

10. Salad tacos: Light and luscious, this salad taco needs only feta cheese, greens and French dressing salad to turn it into a fun and unusual dish!

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